Revolutionize Your Investment Portfolio with Kindle Publishing Business Opportunities

We Help You Earn Excellent Returns by Investing in Kindle Publishing Businesses, Companies and Digital Assets.

Our Focus

Kindle Asset Investments is a private equity firm based in California, USA.

The company was founded with a primary goal of helping our clients make huge returns on investments by investing in Kindle Publishing businesses, Companies and Digital Assets and thereby meet their investment goals with ease.

Industry Expertise

Expertise in Kindle Publishing allows us to make informed decisions and increase the likelihood of success in our investments.

Publishing Support

Did you know Amazon generates over 2.44 billion websites hits per month? Imagine the buyer traffic! Books are only the beginning of an online business opportunity.


We help with connections with other authors, bloggers, and influencers, leading to collaboration and an increase in visibility and and impact in the market.

Our Team and Experience

As experts in the space of Kindle Publishing businesses, we bring deep industry expertise, best in class support and a vast network of relationships to the table, putting our investors at ease that their money is in good hands.

For many years, we have been providing our investors the most personalized and comprehensive service available in this booming industry, thus carving a niche for ourselves.


Investing in Kindle Asset Investments businesses offers several advantages and opportunities.

Large Audience

Kindle Asset Investments provides access to a large, global audience through the Amazon platform. This offers the potential to reach a wide range of readers and generate significant income from book sales.


Kindle Asset Investments allows for a high degree of flexibility, as books can be published and distributed digitally, without the need for physical inventory or shipping.


With the right strategy, Kindle Asset Investments can be a highly profitable investment, providing recurring income from royalties on book sales.


Compared to traditional publishing, Kindle Asset Investments is a cost-effective way to produce and distribute books, with no upfront costs or investments in physical inventory.

Passive Income

Kindle Publishing can offer a unique opportunity to generate passive income through the creation and distribution of digital books and several opportunities in the Kindle ecosystem: Marketing, Coaching, Design, Audio, Media Buying…


Kindle Asset Investments can offer a way to diversify an investment portfolio, providing exposure to a growing market with potential for long-term growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Return On Investment on Kindle Asset Investments?

We offer 25% returns to our investors on a yearly basis which is paid out on a monthly or quarterly basis, as per the investor’s choice.

What will happen to my investment?

Invested funds will be used to create and produce Digital Assets in the form of E-books, paperbacks and Audiobooks. The Digital products will be published through the multiple companies owned by the contractor.

How long will my investment last?

The investment is a 2 year lock-in agreement and on the 3rd year the investor can withdraw their investment or in case they want to continue with the investment program the contract will be renewed.

What if I want to pull out my investment?

If the investor pulls out the investment before the contract expires then they will only get 70% of the principal amount that was invested.

Is Kindle Asset Investments the right investment for me?

Get in touch with us today so that we can build and create a terrific passive income stream for you if you are a highly accredited investor that can invest $100k and above and want to make excellent returns per year.

How we are keeping investments safe and secure?

Security deposit cheques will be issued to the investors. Since the contract is for 2 years total of 8 cheques will be issued, 4 cheques for each year. Dividend payments will be made on a quarterly basis via the cheques that will be issued.

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